Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Do you have thick hair? Find out how to get the best hairstyle looks with our gorgeous thick hair hairstyles! Browse one of the photo galleries below for some new look inspiration.

3 Cute Ponytail Hairstyles


 The humble ponytail is so much more than the gym default or no time/bad hair day hairstyle. With a few extra minutes of attention, the ponytail is transformed into a glam look for work, school, or special events. Check out these cute ponytail hairstyles for 3 easy ways to style long hair! We've been talking a lot about mermaid waves because it's a trendy, gorgeous, and … [Read more...]

5 Cute Short Hairstyles for Women 2014


 It’s summertime…. so why not go short? Short hair can look chic and stylish – and keep you feeling cool when the temperatures start to rise. Even with daring cropped locks, there are no shortage of ways to wear this bold cut.For a little inspiration, look no further. These 5 cute short hairstyles for women 2014 can help you choose the right ‘do.Short hair is more versatile … [Read more...]

What is the best shampoo and conditioner for thick curly hair?


 In the last month I've purchased many different shampoo and conditioner formulas ranging from $4.00 to $10.00 each. It seems that no matter what type I use, my hair gets extremely tangled. My hair is curly and fairly thick but even when I use things made for such hair, it doesn't help! Should I try something that is gentler on my hair? What is the best shampoo and conditioner for thick … [Read more...]

What’s the best way to straighten thick, frizzy hair?


 Hi Isabelle, I'm Indian and have thick, wavy, frizzy black hair. Because it is very thick and frizzy and takes a lot of time an effort to dry and blowout my hair, I have been getting it chemically straightened for 10 years now (about once every 10 months).I love that I can wash and leave the house and let the hair air dry. But it is an expensive process that is hard on hair. There is … [Read more...]

10 Good Hairstyles for Thick Hair


 Ever find that your thick hair is too much of a good thing? Well the right haircut is the answer. Cutting off some length in layers or an all around shorter cut. Get some extra control with a leave-in product like Renpure Organics Argan Silky Smooth Blow Out Creme for blowdrying or airdrying hair. For coarse, dry hair, Organix Awapuhi Ginger Dry Styling Oil.Now check out these 10 … [Read more...]

Celebrity Hairstyles with Layers Gallery


 Celebrities always have the best hair (and clothes and bodies and parties...). It's not just the amazing hair color but the actual haircuts that are responsible. A little snip, a little snip there and what do you have - layers! Check out these 10 pictures of celebrity hairstyles with layers for looks that work for straight, thick, and wavy hair. Even better, add a few waves or curls to … [Read more...]

Help for Really Thick Hair


 I have thick, frizzy hair and straighten it every year to ensure the hair wont look that thick. What hairstyle should I get to lighten up thick hair? - AnnaI have really, really thick hair. I don't know how to tame it! I don't now how to style it and its to thick to braid because its just so thick!I've been wanting to cut in in layers but some people say they're not good for … [Read more...]

3 Hairstyles for Thick Fine Hair


Just because you have fine hair doesn't mean it can't possess some thickness as well. This is called combination hair (or that's what we like to call it anyway!).Even though you might have a very full head of hair (where it could be classified as thick), the texture of it and size may be on the smaller scale (a.k.a. fine hair).It can all get a little confusing when we're discussing these … [Read more...]

Help for Coarse Thick Hair


Hi Isabelle,I have really coarse thick hair and don't know what hairstyle to get! I really love side swept bangs but have no clue what length they should be...can you please help? Also how can I make my coarse hair soft and silky?- ShwethaHi Shwetha,Looking at your photo, I think you would look great with some more layers and a good trim. It would eliminate a lot of coarse dry … [Read more...]

Best Hairstyles for Thick Hair


  The best haircuts for thick hair come in all lengths - short, medium, and long. Check out these pictures of thick hair for women to find a beautiful look that's all easy to wear!And if you have hair past the chin, save time and keep hair healthy with a professional quality hair dryer, like the popular, tried, and true Sedu Revolution TGR 4000i Hair Dryer. … [Read more...]