Hairstyles for Thick Hair – Shoulder Length

Have thick hair and not sure what to do?

Having thick hair – shoulder length is a great length because hair is naturally more voluminous than thinner hair. The shoulder length style prevents the hair from getting weighed down or flattened out, like it may if you had longer thick hair.

Check out these thick hair pictures for three beautiful ways to get the look.

Whether you have pin straight tresses or super curly locks, thicker hair is much more versatile than you may think and simple changes like switching up your part or adding or removing bangs—depending on what you have already—make a big difference to your look with very little effort.

Keep thick hair hydrated to prevent it from becoming coarse or dry. Start by skipping every other day of shampoo and use a rich conditioner like Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment. It tames hair and minimizes frizz while smelling great.


Changing your part from the off-centre to middle is really easy and looks good with any hairstyle. Both off-centre or middle parts complement thick hair – shoulder length hairstyles nicely.

By working short or long layers into your shoulder length hairstyle, it helps to break up the thick hair, allowing for more volume and movement.

Layers also help give the illusion that hair is longer than it is, and is a great addition. Layers keep hairstyles looking fresher and healthier for longer in between haircuts and help bring some life to some otherwise limp locks.

Long chin length bangs can also make a shoulder length thick hairstyle amazing too. Side swept or fringe bangs both add dimension and movement and are very manageable: just style the way you would the rest of your hair to achieve a natural look.

Fringe bangs also look great with thick hair. In fact, cutting bangs are a great way to reduce the volume of thick hair (and keep hair out of the face)! Thick bangs a la Zooey Deschanel are especially on trend right now.

Having thick hair – shoulder length is great too as you can almost always let it dry naturally and achieve a great effortless hairstyle. If you have naturally curly and thick hair, a simple towel-dry and maybe a bit of some curl defining sprayand you’re ready to get out the door!

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