Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2013

Are you quickly running out of ideas for how to style your super thick hair? Not to worry because once you have a great haircut that really works with your hair’s thickness, everything will just fall right into place!

There are all sorts of ways to lighten things up and give your hair some movement (without getting rid of all your length!), you just have to change things up and see which hairstyle for thick hair works best for you.

Check out these pictures of hairstyles for thick hair that are going to be huge in 2013!

If you find yourself getting a little tired of all that extra bulk, 2013 is the year to change things up a bit and get rid of some of that excess! For this particular hairstyle, it’s all about the layers.

By going just below shoulder length and adding layers throughout, it allows for some of that weight and bulk to be alleviated and for volume and lift to occur. A medium length cut is truly a huge leap towards rejuvenation! Embrace the new year with hairstyles for thick hair 2013!


The best hairstyles make the most of hair thickness and texture. Layers have been added throughout to break up some of that bulk, create some movement, and bring out loose waves.

For a cute and easy everyday hairstyle, sweep your bangs to the side and pin them back to really show off your subtle curls.

If your hair is pin straight and thick, it’s great to really work in long layers to help texturize and break things up.

The layers will help to make your hair feel lighter and more airy but you’ll also find that this is a great hairstyle to flat iron or blow dry straight because due to your hair’s natural thickness, each layer and section will tell its own story.