Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

Have long thin hair and not sure what to do? These hairstyles for long thin hair are great because they are versatile, easily go from day to night, and add volume that makes thin hair appear thicker. Check out these pictures of thin hair to find a great long hairstyle.

Hairstyles for long thin hair can range from curly to straight styles, depending on the look you want and what texture of hair you have. A benefit of thin hair is that it is naturally very sleek-looking. This means that small changes to your hairstyle can make a big impact. For example, just by changing your part you can switch up your look instantly.

TIP: Have long thin hair and an off-centre part but want to change it to a middle part – or vice versa? When blowdrying your hair, use a brush and dry the front part of your hair upwards. This removes the tendency for your hair to fall into its natural part. Then just part hair where you want it to go.

hairstyles for thin hair

The first image shows a layered hairstyle for blonde hair with a middle part and very loose waves. This look is very popular and has a nice chic, laid-back appeal to it. Also having loose curls or waves helps to give a bit of added volume to the long thin hair and are very attainable, even if you have naturally straighter hair.


hairstyles for long thin hair1

The second image shows a straight hairstyle for thin hair with a side part. Moving the part over from the middle instantly changes the look and feel of the hairstyle. Having the part off-centre alongside a straight style gives a very sleek and sophisticated look and is very easy to do if you already have straight hair.

best hairstyles for thin hair

The last picture shows an options for shorter layers for hairstyles with long thin hair. Shorter layers naturally help add volume to the hairstyle and look great either curly or straight–and bonus: any part looks great with shorter layers. Layers that hit at the cheek can also be styled into side swept bangs.