Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair Photos


Long naturally curly hair is both beautiful and challenging. The right haircut is required for curly hair to be at it’s best. Layers let curls do their thing, lighten up thick hair, and create a gorgeous rounded profile and none of that dreaded triangle shape.

Check out these hairstyles for long curly hair photos for 12 gorgeous looks with layers, bangs, and all around fabulosity!

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Swimming is starting to seem appealing to me and I want to go for a few dips this month (I live on the equator) before school starts February 2013, then perm my long hair after that, as I've always wanted to perm. How do I efficiently shield my hair from…
Party Hairstyle for Medium Hair
What hairstyle would look best on me for the Reserve Office Trainers Corps Ball in 2 months? I need an updo or party hairstyle for medium hair - it's chin length. - Samantha Hi Samantha, Congratulations on your upcoming ball! For short hair, I love,love,LOVE fingerwaves! They are timeless, very glamorous, and…