Haircuts for Long Straight Hair

Is there a more carefree and classic hairstyle than long straight hair? Hair worn straight down is such a fresh and young look (especially worn with a middle part).

For shiny, happy, healthy long straight hair, start with right hair products to keep hair healthy, happy, and shiny. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that won’t dry out hair (try these great options from L’Oreal or Its A 10).

Next, as much as possible air dry hair – the heat from blow driers and styling tools damages hair. If you’re busy try to give hair a rest over the weekend.

There are many ways to wear this gorgeous hairstyle. Check out these pictures of haircuts for long straight hair to find the right look for you!

It’s layers layers layers here at Hairstyle Stars. Layered hairstyles are some of our most popular looks as well the most universally flattering.


Your stylist can give you a personalized haircut that highlights your features and face shape, works with your hair type, and is easy to style. Shorter layers frame the face while shoulder length layers remove weight and bulk of thick hair.

Layers aren’t for everyone though! If you want to hang on to all that hard earned length and fullness, the blunt cut is for you. Keeping hair at maximum length a great option for fine hair, adding weight that keeps flyaways and frizz to a minimum.

Combining hairstyle trends with classic looks always works. Here, the super hot blunt cut bang are worn with straight long hair (also cut straight across). Depending on your style, this look can be sweet and innocent (think Zooey Deschanel) or edgy (like Krystin Ritter).

Bangs are cut on a subtle curve and curled under, vintage styles.

Whatever look you go with, you can’t go wrong with these haircuts for long straight hair! When you don’t want to wear it down, try a messy bun, side ponytail, or half up hairstyle!