Long Hair Curls

Long hair down hairstyles with long hair curls in a V-shaped haircut have been a popular hair choice of late. Get all the latest curled hairstyles here!

3 Ways to Wear Ringlets


For the holiday season full of parties and fun gatherings with friends, you want to look your best. It's a great time to wear beautiful bouncing ringlets for a fancy event or New Year's Eve out on the town! The thing about this hair trend is that they don't have to be ringlets in the traditional sense (think Shirley Temple!), but you can put your own swing on things and add a little personality and pizazz to your curls. So, check out below ... Get the hairstyle!

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends 2014: Tousled Waves!


Ready for one of the latest celebrity hairstyle trends for 2014 as seen on magazines, the red carpet, and silver screen? It's gorgeous, tousled waves. Not the salty, beachy kind but soft and seductive. Check out how Leighton Meester rocks the look. Those so last year waves were all about salt spray for a spent-the-day-at-the-beach look. The 2014 update is just as pretty but so much more touchable, not to mention perfect for any season, ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Curly Hairstyles for Medium Hair


Do you love curls? Then embrace them! At every length, curls enhance  your hair with beautiful volume. These 3 curly hairstyles for medium hair are sure to put all eyes on you. One great curly hairstyle for medium hair? The curled bob. If you’ve got a layered bob, amp up the drama by creating tons of curls and volume throughout your hair. This hairstyle looks best on long and oval face shapes.   To achieve this look, start ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Hairstyles with Curls Pictures


Curls are one of the easiest (and most beautiful!) ways to add volume and personality to your hair. Nothing is quite as sexy as long hair that's full of big curls that cascade down your back. Worn down, this is hands down one of the most flattering looks you can easily wear to formal occasions, parties, or everyday to look and feel at your best. Get inspired by this photo gallery filled with 10 hairstyles with curls ... Get the hairstyle!

Vintage Hairstyles – Veronica Lake Curls


What girl doesn’t feel inspired watching an old movie? The fashion, the makeup, and most importantly – the hair! There are so many iconic hairstyles from decades past that never go out of style. One of those vintage hairstyles? Veronica Lake’s must-have waves! Her infamously dramatic hairstyle became popular in the 1940s and remains popular today. Find out how to get amazing Veronica Lake Curls without spending the whole day on your ... Get the hairstyle!

How Can I Get No Heat Curls?


Hi Isabelle, Heat really damages my hair! I have super straight hair and want to know how to curl hair overnight without any styling tools! How can I get no heat curls? Thanks, Meloney Hi Meloney, I fully support your decision to take the occasional break from heat styling. Although effective, heat styling really does damage hair. Other than using heat there are only two ways to change the shape of your hair. You can use a chemical ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair


Curls are a great addition to any hairstyle for fine hair. Waves or curls add that coveted volume while adding sophistication and romance to everyday hair. Like everything, having fine hair has pros and cons. Fine hair is easier to curl but also easier to damage with heat. Therefore,  finding the best curling iron for fine hair is essential to getting gorgeous curls and protecting hair. Here are a few things to look for: 1. Adjustable ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Vintage Curls Pictures


  Vintage curls never go out of style! They are all over the red carpets today on celebrities including Meghan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, and Hayden Panettiere. You can get the look yourself at home with a curling iron, rollers, or round brush. Check out these 10 vintage curls pictures for lots of different ways to wear the look, including a gorgeous vintage wedding hairstyle. For more detailed instructions, watch one of these videos ... Get the hairstyle!

How To Curl Hair – 3 Ways


Want luscious bouncy curls? Here, we show you how to curl hair - 3 ways! While curling your hair for the first time can be tricky, practice makes perfect and pretty soon you'll be a perfectly curly haired stylist and your friends will be asking you to give them tips! While so many people have different tips and tricks, we'll show you 3 ways to curl hair that will give you those big sexy curls and become a quick part of your hair-styling ... Get the hairstyle!

Curled Hair Pictures


  Transform your hair by adding some curls! From big bouncy curls to loose ringlets and beachy waves, there are so many ways to get the curled hair look. Curling wands and clipless curling irons are so easy to use! Try the highly recommended Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron. To curl hair with a flatiron, try the CHI 2 in 1 Curling & Flat Iron. For easy curls, try Remington Ceramic Hot Rollers. To get curls ... Get the hairstyle!

Curly Hairstyles for Medium Hair


Old Hollywood glam is easy to attain with these curly hairstyles for medium hair! Vintage is back! With the resurgence over the past year of old-is-new and new-is-old trends with production of movies and shows like The Great Gatsby and Mad Men. Not to mention the role the classic icon Marilyn Monroe has played in inspiring so many styles. These big and sexy curls for medium length hair go work for any outfit or occasion! Check out these ... Get the hairstyle!

Medium Length Curly Hairstyles


Want to do something special with your medium length hair? Try a medium length curly hairstyle! Whether you already have fun and curly tresses or were blessed with super straight locks, a medium length curly hairstyle gives some added dimension and can be easy and effortless.   Curls are perfect whether you want to tame thick hair or add volume to thin hair. At medium length, curly hairstyles are simple, chic, and easy to ... Get the hairstyle!

Curled Hair


Sexy. Carefree. Playful. Those are just a few of the many words that can be used to described curled hair. You don't have to go big and bold with your curls to make a statement either, you can add subtle waves and keep things natural looking with loose long curls that flow with the wind and add personality and flair to any ensemble. For three easy and sexy curled hair looks, check out the pictures below!     Nothing ... Get the hairstyle!

Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair


Are you growing tired of playing it safe with straight hair every single day? It may seem a bit intimidating if curly hair isn't something you're accustomed to, but once you take that leap, we promise that you won't want to go back! Adding some curls to your long hair is as easy as taking an extra two minutes to work a few curls in that will enhance the body and wave you naturally possess. Check out the pictures below for a few great curly ... Get the hairstyle!

Holiday Party Hairstyles


Holiday party season has arrived and that means it's also time to start planning your outfits, accessories and (most importantly!) your hair! When in doubt of what to do with your hair for your next holiday party, nothing beats the bounce and shine of a good curl! Whether you wear them long and loose or in a nice curly updo, curls always fit in at a holiday party because they're festive, fun and glamorous. Check out these pictures for three ... Get the hairstyle!