Easy Updos – The French Twist

The French twist is one of the classic and always fashionable updo. This versatile and easy hairstyle can be worn formal, professional, or flirty and casual. Add a special hair clip to dress up the look or wear hair tousled to dress it down. This look can be styled yourself in minutes, though it may take a few tries to the the technique down. Keep reading for how to style a French twist and 4 ways to rock this easy updo! Doing an updo is always easier when you skip a shampoo. Freshly washed hair is slippery and is less manageable. To start, gather hair in a low ponytail and the nape of the neck but don’t secure it. Start twisting hair upwards, tucking hair underneath the twist, making sure there are no stray hairs.

Pin the French twist to secure the hairstyle and you’re done. Bobby pins could do the trick but U-shaped hair pins or grips will add staying power for long hair. Finish it all with a spritz of hairspray and the look will stay all day or night. There are lots of variations of this technique so check out on-line videos until you find the best one for you.


Wearing the French twist with naturally wavy or curly hair adds that special je ne sais quois. These Sophia Loren-inspired easy updos have been seen all over the catwalk and is a stylish alternative to your daily braided hairstyle. For extra attitude, wear the look extra high on the crown.

Wearing an updo with bangs injects some of your style and personality into the like. This easy updo is a sophisticated yet low effort hairstyle. The back is tightly wound into a French twist while bangs explode into a fabulous quiff.