French Braid Pigtails

French braids add sophistication to pigtail hairstyles. If you can French braid, you can get this look yourself. These 5 hair braiding tips will help you get perfect plaits every time. Check out these French braid pictures for some cute summer hairstyle inspiration.

double braids

To get this look, brush hair thoroughly for smooth and tangle-free hair. Like with all pigtails, divide hair into two equal sections and loosely tie one of them. French braid hair starting at the temple. Braiding with small sections will make the braid create a detailed and elaborate braid. If you’re in a hurry, larger sections will give you a wider and simpler braid in less time.


french braid pigtails

Of course, getting some help with French braid pigtails is the easiest way to get this cute summer hairstyle. Get your friends to try out their Dutch, mermaid, and fishtail braiding techniques!


Inside out braids are a great variation on the braided pigtail. These fabulousĀ pigtails show off gorgeous long platinum hair. Take this look to the next level by finishing the plaits without an elastic or hair tie.