Fishtail Braids aka the Herringbone Plait


Mix up your braided hairstyle with  this fishtail plait. The finer detail makes the fishtail look extra special but it’s easy to do. Check out this hairstyle for fishtail braid instructions.

Like all hairstyles with braids, there are lots of different ways to wear this look. Keep reading for some fishtail plait pictures that will give new ideas to wear this cute and easy summer hairstyle.

hairstyle trends 2012 fishtail braid

This side fishtail braid is formal and sexily tousled at the same time. The volume at the crown add height and drama. To get this look, take a section behind the hairline and back comb it. Then cover the nesty area with hair from the front. To get the messy braid look, gently tug on each section

messy side fishtail braid1

The tousled look is sexy with a hint of tomboy. This mussed fishtail braid shows of your playful and dangerous side. You’re looking good but not afraid to get dirty. This side braid is a great look for a summer music festival or day out in the sun.

crown braid fishtail plait

This bold look starts as a crown braid on one side and wraps around into a side ponytail across the opposite shoulder. The wisps and loose braid make give a carefree feel to this elegant look. Highlight the fishtail plait by wearing this over bare shoulders or a white t-shirt.

Braids are great because there are so many different ways to wear them. Have fun playing with fishtail braid ideas!