How to Wear a Fedora

Check out these 3 great ways to wear your hair with a fedora.┬áHere’s how to wear a fedora with hair down, to the side, and or tucked under the hat.┬áThe summer hat never goes out of style and is a cute way to stay out of the sun and keep cool. Depending on your hairstyle, the classic fedora can be feminine, modern, or sassy. There are so many different materials and colors for fedoras and hat bands, find one that highlights your hair color and texture.

hair down hat hairstyle

The detail of this linen hat and complementary blue band are a great match for blond curls and blue eyes. Wearing hair down is the most feminine way to wear a fedora. The shoulder length curl hair with chin length layers is beautiful emerging from under the hat. This easy summer hairstyle works for all hair types and wearing hair down with a hat is a charming blend of masculine and feminine.


fedora hair up hairstyle

Play up your jauntily angled hat with a side hairstyle! This oversized sock bun balances the offset fedora. The diagonal line leads the eye to the side. This would also be cute with a low side bun or side braid. Combining hairstyle trends with a classic hat adds a modernt touch and makes the look our own.

side bun with hat

Wearing hair tucked under a hat is a great option for a hot summer day or just to make a statement. The look is sexy and mysterious.

Make the most of your fedora by mixing up your hat hairstyles. Wearing hair down, to the side, and or tucked under the hat creates totally different looks and works with different outfits.