Fancy Braided Hairstyle Ideas

If you’re already sporting a side braid on most days, why not take it up a notch with a formal braided hairstyle? Here are a few fancy braid ideas that would be perfect for prom, grad, or any upcoming special event. These looks are flattering for any medium to long hair and look especially great with wavy and curly hair. Keep reading for some fabulous fancy braids.

diagonal french braid

This diagonal braid is a dazzling version of the common French braid. It’s really easy to get this look but enlist a friend if your arms get tired easily in that awkward braiding position.



Choose which side you want the braid to end on and start braiding from the opposite side.  Be sure to angle the braid to land across the nape of the neck so it drapes comfortably. You can braid the hair as loosely or tightly as possible. It’s great for keeping in layers and as you can see here, is beautiful with wavy hair. You can add a fascinator, feather, or ribbon for an extra touch.

prom braid wavy hair flower

For another angled braid, this low side braid is another easy special event option. Start the braid at the nape of the neck and braid hair to the side of your choice. With naturally curly or wavy hair, you can end the braid with a few inches hanging loose. Pull out a few face framing tendrils around the temple to finish the look. This flower hair accessory adds a dramatic final touch.

prom side fishtail braid tiara

The tiara is a great hair accessory for prom and looks great with this side fishtail braid. The smooth hair and volume at the crown add a formal touch to this tousled braid.