Emo Bangs

Full, choppy bangs is one of the defining features of emo hair. From blunt to side swept to angled, here are 4 different ways to get emo bangs.


The most common way to rock emo bangs in diagonal layers across the forehead. You can style this look yourself! Check out this video for how to cut side swept bangs.


For extra cred, wear the bangs super thick and long enough to cover one eye. Add some streaks of blonde or color for extra fun.



Angled bangs are a unique way to add fringe to indie hairstyles. Fringe can angle in one diagonal or form a V. This is best with straight, coarse hair that will show off the fabulous shape.


Blunt bangs cut straight across are always in style and look great on everyone! They are cute (Zooey Deschanel!), mysterious, and hot!


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