Easy Updos with Braids

Running short on time but still want to look your best? Try easy updos with braids! Braided hairstyles have become more popular than ever. Braids are an easy way to make your hair stand out without adding a ton of products or accessories. Combined with the updo, this versatile style exudes sophistication and romantic charm.

Before you get started on your braided updo, keep in mind that braided styles work best with medium to long hair and that you should start with clean, dry hair. Now that the basics are covered, here are someĀ easy updos with braids to try!


The thick Crown Braid is so easy to style! Braid a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, coil it around the head, and secure with bobby pins. Just be sure to conceal them in hair. This sophisticated version has the braid sitting further back on the head, with a pouf of volume at the front.

To get this Upside Down Crown Braid, use the same instructions but start braiding a wide, flat braid from behind the forehead. You can coil the braid clockwise or counterclockwise! With or without bangs, this is a fun party-worthy look that is so easy to style.

Or add some fun and flirty style to your braided updo with The Milkmaid. Loosely braid your hair into pigtails. Cross the braids over one another at the crown and pin in place. To change up this hairstyle, cross the braids downward at the neckline to create The Downward Milkmaid.

There are so many ways to get creative with this style! Braided updos are especially popular for formal events and weddings, so keep these simple, elegant hairstyles in mind before you go out.

Sophisticated and elegant or loose and romantic, braids can do it all. There are so many braiding techniques that vary based on skill level, so anyone can create their own braided hairstyle. Try one of these easy updos with braids and look beautiful in minutes.