Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair


Having long and luxurious straight hair (and keeping it that way!) is like a gift from the gods! We’ve all been witness to those girls who have seriously enviable hair that always looks beautiful and completely effortless.

The really great news is that you can be one of those girls too! You just need to know how to style your long hair and what products to use!

Keep reading to check out three easy hairstyles for long straight hair!

For long layered straight look, trying a V-shape cut may be just the thing to add shape and movement to your long tresses! To try a V-cut, all you have to do is ask your hair professional to add graduated layers (even in the back!).

The layers and angles create movement and shape to extra long hair. Show off the angles of your V-shape cut by using a great ceramic flat iron, like this professional quality version fromĀ HSI!

For long straight hair that’s a little more tousled and not so pin straight, simply go in with some long layers and let it air dry every once in a while!

Not only is it a great idea to keep your hair away from heat every so often to keep it healthy, but this look also works to create such an effortless and easy hairstyle that doesn’t provide much thought (or work!), while still looking beautiful!

For an extra sleek and sexy look, why not try a deep side part for your long straight hair! If you usually part your hair straight down the middle, simply go a little further in to make a deeper part.

Bring all your hair over to one side for an extra hint of sexiness. Work to achieve this extra shiny and straight hairstyle by using a good heat protectant spray while flat ironing. Try TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer, Garnier Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist 24 Hour Finish, or Crack Styling Leave-In Treatment for styling and UV protection.