Different Types of Braids

Jazz up your usual braided hairstyles with these different types of plaits. These braided hairstyles use different braids for unique and stunning looks. Check out these braid photos to get inspired!

braided updo3

This gorgeous braided updo features a wrap around braid worn to the side. This would be a gorgeous look for a wedding. Adding flowers would make this look perfect for a bride.

2 strand rope braid

Try this easy rope braiding technique to get this look. First divide hair at the nape of the neck. Take the hair on the right side and twist it to the right, or clockwise. When the strand is twisted to the bottom, get a friend to hold the twist or if you’re solo, hold it in your mouth (hey, it works!). Twist the left side of the hair to the left or counter clockwise. Finally, take both twisted strands and wrap them around each other. When you get to this stage, it will become obvious if one of the twists went the wrong way.


double french braid

Try this double French braid for a dazzling take on the the crown braid. The finishing touch is a boho braid that wraps around the forehead.

braid hairstyle1

This dazzling wedding braid combines multiple fine details. The front features volume at the crown and gorgeous curls. At the back, hair is woven into a tousled mermaid braid. Finally, the braid finishes over the shoulder without an elastic. This organic looking braid is gorgeous against bare shoulders and a tanned skin.