Different Braid Styles – Inside Out Plaits

Looking for a different braided hairstyle to try?

You’ve already mastered the crown braid, side braid, and mermaid braid. Check out these inside out plaits that take the braided trend to the next level. These dramatic plaits are much easier to style than they look. Check out these pictures of different braid styles to get inspired!

dutch diagonal side braid

The Dutch braid is similar to the French braid but is actually inside out. Rather than weaving the strands on top, the Dutch braid plaits hair behind the middle of the braid. To get this look, braid as normal but put the third strand on top of the middle strand rather than underneath. There are lots of great video tutorials that will help you get the technique. This diagonal version that wraps around the head is an especially unique and different braid.


inside out braid

This braid isn’t for schoolgirls! This braid starts just behind the hairline, leaving some volume at the crown. After completing the inside out Dutch braid, start pulling on each woven strand from the bottom up. Tug just enough to puff up the braid without taking it apart. This look is especially dramatic with highlights or wavy hair that draws extra attention to the unique braid.

unique braids

This diagonal side braid is messily and tousled. Plaited along the edge of the hairline and over the shoulder, the result is a dazzling plait that is easy to style. Loosely French braid hair to one side and when it’s done, gently tug on each weave to plump up the plait.

waterfall braid

This half up braid beautifully reveals the structure of the plait while cascading gently down the back. The waterfall braid is romantic and delicate. Here are some braiding tips and techniques to help you get the plait just right.