Cute Bob

cute bob hairstyles

If you’re craving a change, why not go bold and snag a cute bob? Short hairstyles call for plenty of accessories – so snip the strands and stock up on some funky earrings to complement your new do icon wink Learn what life is like without the pressures of long hair headaches! Finally be free of hair ties!

From a sassy bob to a cute bob and every type in between, bobs are back in a big way! This short hairstyle is not only cute, but sexy. It’s a look that also doesn’t require much daily maintenance but when rocking your bob cute, regular trims are a must. If you’re looking for a short hairstyle for thick hair and want to look effortlessly gorgeous, try this cute bob!

The key to making your bob look sexy is all about volume, especially if you have a rounder face. If you keep the top long and the sides short, not only will you accentuate your eyes, the shape of your face will appear more slender. Add a few graduated layers for some texture, but be careful of going overboard- too many layers will create a round profile!


cute bob

As far as length is concerned, if you have a square shaped face. you can take this angled bob as short as you want. A pixie cut is a great way to show off that beautifully defined jawline of yours! If your face is round, opt for a hairstyle more like this cute. Side swept bangs will complement this look nicely, making your face appear more defined while maintaining softness.

For an edgier, not so “cute” bob- add a feathered fringe of side bang with a razor to give it a funky, modern spin on this otherwise timeless do. The great thing about bob hairstyles is how they never really go out of style, we just keep finding ways to keep it looking hot!