Curly Side Ponytails: Without Heat!


Add extra fun and sex appeal to your ponytail hairstyle! Wearing the classic updo to the side with lots of curl takes the look from everyday to evening. These curled ringlets worn high or low are perfect for special events from prom to weddings. You can style the curly side ponytail without hair damaging heat by using sponge or foam rollers. Keep reading for how to get this look.

high side ponytail ringlets

Select a roller size based on how tight you want your curls or ringlets to be. Smaller rollers make tighter ringlets and larger rollers make looser and bouncier curls. If wearing curlers overnight, start with damp hair that is just wet enough that it will dry by morning. Otherwise, make sure that hair is completely dry before putting in sponge rollers because damp hair won’t hold the curl as well. Start by brushing out hair and putting into a ponytail. The ponytail can be worn up high or low. This look will also work in the middle of the head but shifting the updo to the side is  sophisticated and sexy.




curly side ponytail

Next, squeeze some hair gel into one hand, rub palms together, and smooth over the ponytail. Separate out a 1-inch section of hair and place an open sponge roller underneath the end of the hair and roll it up to the base of the ponytail. The roll should be tight so that the foam curlers squish into the middle, forming a dumbbell shape. Close the sponge roller and repeat with the rest of your hair.

wedding ponytail

You can sleep in the rollers in overnight or for leave them in for 10 minutes to an hour if you started with dry hair. Remove rollers one by one and gently separate curls with fingers. To keep curls in tact but touch, finish off with a few spritzes of light-hold hairspray.