Curly Hair Hairstyles

Find the best curly hair hairstyles for 2014. Elegant long hair with loose curls, ringlets, v-cut hairstyles with long curls, romantic wavy hair, and many other styles with plenty of body and bounce!

Cute Curly Hairstyles: Celebrity Edition


 Curls amp up every hairstyle with volume, texture, and va va va voom. What's surprising is that just a few well placed curls transform straight hair in only a few minutes of styling time! Check out these pictures cute curly hairstyles as seen on 10 trendsetting celebrities plus a few styling tips and products to use.Victoria's Secret curls are the gold standard for sexy, beachy ... Get the hairstyle!

Should I get a short asymmetrical haircut for curly hair like Kina Grannis?


 I've always had very thick curly springs and I find it very hard to deal with them. Not waves, but all-out curls. I love the way my hair looks on a good frizz-free day, but I've never changed the style before. It's always been kept right around shoulder length because if it gets too long it starts to weigh down and become a hassle and if it gets too short which accidentally happened ... Get the hairstyle!

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair


 Girls with natural curls can have a very tempestuous relationship with their hair. One day it's perfect, shiny, and bouncy. The next, a tumbling tumbleweed. Environmental factors have a huge impact on curls. This can make air-drying a big gamble. A proper blow dry can ensure the creating of your curls exactly to your liking, no matter the weather.Whether you have tight frizzy curls, ... Get the hairstyle!

Mixed Hair: Thick, coarse, curly, dry, frizzy and poufy!


 I'm not sure if you consider this a broad question or not, if so I'm very sorry. Anyway, I'm half black and half white.. And honestly possibly a little Asian but I'm not too sure about that. (Long story).My hair is long, thick, coarse, curly, dry, frizzy and horrible. My hair is ALWAYS in a bun and I don't like it but it keeps my hair tame and out of the way. I don't like leaving ... Get the hairstyle!

Bob for curly hair?


I'm thinking of cutting my hair into a long bob. However, my hair is naturally curly. I'm worried that I will constantly have to straighten it for the hairstyle to look nice. Is there any way I could wear my curly hair with this haircut? - Taylor I have very thick curly hair and it can get really frizzy but all my sisters have thin straight hair and have bob cuts. I really want to try one out ... Get the hairstyle!

Curly Hair With Bangs


 There may be a myth out there that if you have curly hair you can't sport bangs. Well, we're here to tell you that this rumor is just plain wrong!Whether or not you have short curly hair or long waves, by adding bangs to your curly locks you'll find that your look is instantly revitalized and you'll see a whole new level of complexity added to your mane.Check out below for three ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Great Medium Haircuts for Curly Hair


Sometimes the best way to show off your unique curls is to go a little shorter and opt for a lovely medium length 'do that's easy to maintain while still being sassy and cute!If your hair is longer and you're looking to revitalize your look, going shorter (but not too short!) is great for curly hair because your curls remain in tact and also come out to play everyday in a new and carefree ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Hot Curly Hair Highlights


What could be more stunning that bold, beautiful highlights? Highlighting curly hair, of course! Highlights are a great way to make your gorgeous curls pop. Plus, they add tons of extra definition.To add a little more flair to your curls, take a look at these 3 hot curly hair highlights.Naturally curly hair is always super sexy, stylish, and beautiful. If you’re looking to add some ... Get the hairstyle!

Make Frizzy Hair Smooth – Learn How!


 Summer is on it's way out but the end of all that heat and humidity doesn't mean the end of frizz for everyone. Frizzy hair is not only caused by the weather. Here are 9 tips to make frizzy hair smooth!First of all, what is frizz? You may have seen shampoo commercial graphics that show the tiny cuticles that run up and down the length of individual hairs. When these tiny openings are ... Get the hairstyle!

Should I cut my curly hair short?


Hi Isabelle,I have curly hair and I want to go for a short pixie-crop. Is this a good idea and can you share pointers and images of which will be best cut for me? I want something that's very simple and very easy to manage. Should I get a pixie cut for curly hair like the picture?Thank you, MaribelHi Maribel,Oh my, this is a difficult question indeed. Will you be a “Swordfish” ... Get the hairstyle!

Curly Hair Styles: 3 Ways

Curly Hair Styles

A girl can never go wrong with big, beautiful curls! Maybe that's why more and more women are choosing to embrace texture in their hair, rather than opting for sleek and straight. (Just take a look at Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens, and Solange Knowles!) If you’re ready to do the same, here are curly hairstyles: 3 ways.Give your curls life and bounce by trying a layered curly hairstyle! ... Get the hairstyle!

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair


If you have naturally curly hair and are not quite sure what to do with it, don't fret! There's something so sexy and retro about naturally curly hair that we think you should be very proud to have it (and us folks with hair as straight as a pin really admire your natural curls!).The secret to finding what works for curly hair is trying out a lot of different hairstyles and cuts! If you're ... Get the hairstyle!

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair Photos


 Long naturally curly hair is both beautiful and challenging. The right haircut is required for curly hair to be at it's best. Layers let curls do their thing, lighten up thick hair, and create a gorgeous rounded profile and none of that dreaded triangle shape.Check out these hairstyles for long curly hair photos for 12 gorgeous looks with layers, bangs, and all around ... Get the hairstyle!

Bangs for Wavy Hair


I have wavy/curly hair with a widow's peak and a cowlick. Can I do bangs? - Kristina Hi Kristina,The answer is yes, you can, but you will probably hate yourself for it.Cowlicks can be tamed, but as soon as your body temperature starts to rise they pop back up in full, irritating splendor. If you don't mind restyling your bangs frequently, honestly, go for it!Bangs are fun, ... Get the hairstyle!

Best Products for Curly Hair?


I am always trying to try a new better hair product. I have curly hair and would like to know, what is the best product to use for all day lasting curl?I sometimes have difficulty finding the right product to use for my naturally curly hair. Please help! - KatieHi Katie,Excellent question! No two curls are quite the same, which can make finding the right product a challenge.A ... Get the hairstyle!