The Classic Bob with Bangs


Bob hairstyles are one of those looks that never go out of style. You can wear it as the tried-and-true classic or let your individual style shine through with one of the fabulous variations below. Paired with a red lip, you are ready for anything! Check out these bob with bangs pictures for 3 hot looks.

This is close to the original 1920’s bob with hair cut blunt in the bangs and chin length locks. For this style, you’ll need thick hair that holds shape well. Bob hairstyles work well for all other hair types too but will require layering to suit fine, wavy, or curly hair.

This shoulder length bob is a chic and modern take on the classic. Long bobs are always on trend in Hollywood and should be for you too. The super straight hair beautifully frames the face, highlighting the groomed brows, bright eyes, and bold lip color. This is a fantastic look that will work at the office and on the dance floor. With long hair, you can also pull hair back.

The bob isn’t just for straight hair. The combination of angled bangs and wavy chin length hair is funky and fun. Layers are a curly haired girls best friend, so this bob is graduated up at the back of the neck. This do would look great with some bold highlights. Paired with a bright red lip, this look will stand out of the crowd.

There you have it, three riffs on the classic bob hairstyle. It started as a statement and has become one of the most consistently popular and flattering hairstyles for women. There are endless variations to make the bob work for for your hair and personal style.