Bun Hairstyles and Hair Buns

Hair buns and bun hairstyles are great for a quick and easy new hair look. Find the latest trends in hair buns right here!

Easy Hairstyles: 3 Cute Buns


  Want a quick and easy way to look stylish? You don’t have to look very far…a bun is the perfect solution! In just a few short minutes, you can create a hairstyle that is totally memorable and adorable. What makes the bun so great? It is perfect for any occasion, time of year, and hair type. Even when you’re short on time, you don’t have to sacrifice fashion forward style. All you need to do is wear one of these easy hairstyles: 3 ... Get the hairstyle!

What’s a cute, easy and fast hairstyle?


  I have what I call odd hair. It's wavy but frizzy, will barely hold a curl, takes forever to get straight, and once straight it will kink itself back up pretty fast! It just has a mind of its own. I do pretty physical work and get very hot so I usually wear it in a ponytail or bun. I'm getting tired of doing the same thing all the time though. I have always wanted long hair and right now it's the longest it's ever been but I'm ... Get the hairstyle!

How To Do a Braided Bun


Are you looking for ways to jazz up a simple hairstyle? The solution is easy: add braids to your bun! Braided styles have become more popular than ever - and it’s obvious why. Not only do they look great, but there is a braiding technique for each and every skill level. So, if you’re ready to take your bun to the next level, here is how to do a braided bun. The bun is a classic style that always looks sleek and elegant. Plus, it’s ... Get the hairstyle!

DIY Prom Hairstyles: Bun Updos


It’s never too early to start thinking about prom! There are so many beautiful hairstyles to choose from for your special night, but why not consider a bun? Buns always look stylish and chic. Best of all, you don’t have to spend an afternoon at the salon to get the look. Here are some DIY prom hairstyles: bun updos. To create your own bun updo, get trendy with a top knot bun. To make sure you look prom ready, add in some fun, playful ... Get the hairstyle!

Hair Up Styles: The Wrapped Bun


Are you tired of the same old bun? Change it up! There are so many ways to get creative with your bun hairstyle. You can add braids, accessories, or even wrap it. That’s right – the wrapped bun is trendier than ever. If you’re looking for something fun and totally unforgettable, try one of these hair up styles: the wrapped bun. Ready to create your own wrapped bun hairstyle? Grab a scarf or bandana. Not only does this add a fun pop of color ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Hot Hair Buns


The hottest look of summer 2013 has been the bun. The trend will keep going strong into fall and is the perfect look for back to school! This easy hairstyle gets you out the door fast and looking great. There are so many beautiful and easy ways to get the look for every hair length. If you have long hair, simply pull hair into a high ponytail, twist hair around and tuck in the ends. Wear it smooth or messy, it's up to you..they both look great. ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Hair Trends for Summer 2013

Summer Hair Trends

As hard as it is to believe, my calender tells me that spring is here. Although it's starting a little late this year, soon coats and boots will be shoved back into closets, and sunglasses and ballet flats will be pulled out. There will soon be no more hiding under scarves and hats, and your hair will be on full display. If you like to be styled in a seasonally appropriate manner (I know I do) you may be interested in the top 5 hair trends for ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Different Hairstyles for Long Hair


Try one of these 3 different hairstyles for long hair that elevate your everyday look. All it takes is an extra touch to instantly transform an ordinary bun into an eye-catching look. Here are 3 pretty hairstyles that are also easy and quick to style. It’s amazing how a cute little braid along the hairline adds magic to any hairstyle. Do it with hair worn down in waves or curls, half up, or with a loose braid like above. Styling ... Get the hairstyle!

DIY Hairstyles


DIY hairstyles don’t have to look like you did them yourself. There are tons of cute, creative styles that are super easy to do! Some of best DIY hairstyles include the ever popular braids, buns, and ponytails. Whatever style you choose, these DIY hair ideas will leave you looking like you just left the salon. Braids are a fantastic option for DIY hairstyles. There are so many variations, and they can be incorporated into many ... Get the hairstyle!

10 Best Cute Easy Hairstyles

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  It's the same story every day. You want to look great but there's so little time! Check out these 10 best cute easy hairstyles that will have you looking amazing and out the door in a flash! These simple looks for long hair, and sometimes medium length, are perfect for school, work, or brunch!  If you like to pull hair up, try a sophisticated bun, cute side braid, or chic ponytail. Or wear hair down and messy, in beachy waves, or ... Get the hairstyle!

Cool Easy Hairstyles


Get your new year off on the right foot with these cool easy hairstyles! You'll look your best in a flash!You know those mornings when you wake up (perhaps a littlelate!) and you're just not in the mood to fuss with your hair?It's okay, we all experience days like those (at many times in our life!). They're just a part of being a woman! Luckily for us, there are a few no-fail cool and easy hairstyles that can be your go-to look on busy work or ... Get the hairstyle!

Easy Updos


Look red carpet ready, wherever you go! Updos are perfect for formal events or as a stylish everyday look. From ponytails to more elaborate, pinned up styles, the updo is versatile and glamorous. Whatever kind of updo you prefer, there are so many easy options! Try one of these easy updos and look great in no time. An easy updo for a casual everyday hairstyle is the Beginner's French Twist. To create this look, start with clean, dry hair. ... Get the hairstyle!

Sock Bun – 3 Ways


Sporting a sock bun is one of the hottest fall hair trends this season. The great thing about doing a sock bun is that there isn't just one way to wear it (contrary to what you might think!) and no matter how you do it, it's a classic and easy hairstyle that will always allow you to look polished and allow you to show off your distinctive facial features. You don't have to stick with the classic sock bun that sits at the back top part of your ... Get the hairstyle!

Sock Bun


Sock buns are all the rage right now and for good reason! They have got to be one of the easiest at-home updos that look chic and elegant but literally take just a minute or two to execute. If you haven't picked up a sock bun helper yet, you can easily make your own at home! Just take a sock  (preferably a clean one!) that is a close match to your hair color, cut off the toes and roll the fabric into a donut shape. Then make a ponytail where ... Get the hairstyle!