Bridesmaid Hairstyles and Bridal Hairstyles


Looking for bridesmaid hairstyles for that special day? Everyone wants to looks their best at a wedding, especially when you’re in the wedding party. Looking for dresses, makeup, and hair is half the fun of weddings, so enjoy picking out wedding hairstyles and bridal hairstyles.

The key to finding the right bridal hairstyle starts with the dress and bride.Hair down and half up hairstyles pair well with strapless dresses that are so popular for bridesmaids. With halter dresses or straps, draw attention to the face with an updo. A great bridesmaid dress and hairstyle will complement the brides chosen look. Part of bridesmaid duties include letting the bride take centre stage. Keep reading for examples of beautiful bridesmaids hairstyles.

bridesmaid hairstyles wedding hairstyles 2

This hair down bridal hairstyle contrasts a strapless neckline with romantic curls across the shoulders. The curls match the bride’s style.


bridesmaid hairstyles wedding hairstyles 3

Another example of pairing a hair down bridesmaid hairstyle with a strapless neckline. This time, the half up half down bridal hairstyle looks great with the brides updo.

bridesmaid hairstyles wedding hairstyles 1

Now for some wedding updos. This bridesmaid hairstyle is more fun than the more romantic wedding look. With the hair up, the detailed halter neckline is displayed.