Bridal Hairstyles – Side Ponytail With Veil

Looking for an easy breezy bridal hairstyle? This curly side ponytail with a veil is a beautiful look for long or even medium length hair that will be gorgeous and comfortable for your entire wedding day. This is a beautiful wedding hairstyle with naturally curly hair or styled with romantic curls.  This would be a great look for a beach wedding!

Bridal Hairstyles Side Ponytail Updo Front

What a lovely bridal look! Lavish curls delicately frame the face while drawing attention to the blushing bride. The side hairstyle is perfect with the embellished halter dress but would also work with longer hair and a strapless dress. Minimal makeup perfectly complements the natural beauty of this look.


Bridal Hairstyles Side Ponytail Updo Side

The side swept bangs soften the profile of this side ponytail bridal hairstyle. The fluttering veil works perfectly with this look. Add a flower in the hair for a special hair accessory that you’ll wear all night, after the veil comes off.