Braid Pigtails

Pigtail braids can be cute or sassy hairstyles. These pictures show three different ways to braid pigtails for a fun and flirty look. This easy summer hairstyle shows of long hair and lets your style and personality shine through. Check out these braiding techniques that give your pigtails a messy and tousled touch.

double braids1

Inside out braids are a great twist on the usual English or French braid pigtails. The weave of braids highlight the texture of naturally curly and wavy hair. Or   use this look to get another day out of fabulous beachy waves. Make the most of this fantastic braid by starting the plait up high on the head, just below the part.

cute braided pigtail

Another braiding technique that looks great in pigtails is the fishtail or herringbone plait. An interesting twist with this braid is starting the plait down low, well between the hair line. This also looks great with side braids or low ponytails.



messy braids

Pigtails are a great way to try out different types of braids. This deconstructed mermaid braid is bold and stylish. This tousled look is daring, chic, and shows off a strong sense of style. Check out these pictures for more pigtail hairstyles.