Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles were very popular in 2013, and continue to be a common choice for women in 2014. More and more women are attracted to the idea of going a bit shorter with their hair length. Here are some of the latest bob hairstyles for 2014!

How to style an A-line bob?

Isabella Blow Fascinator-

  Is there a way to style an A-line bob into something funky and unique? - Angela Hi Angela, Hmm.... how to make an A-line bob unique? Although you can style your hair into a variety of interesting textures (curls, straight, waves, finger-waves, etc) the bob will continue to look like a bob. If you would really like to increase the individuality of your look, I would examine hair accessories and color. Bold hair accessories often ... Get the hairstyle!

4 Hair Color Ideas for Bob Hairstyles


  The defined structure and medium short length of bob hairstyles means there are few ways to style the cut but ample ways to accessorize! For some real fun, add some color in the form of paneling, highlights, or lowlights (and leave the ombre dip to long hair). Check out these pictures for 4 hair color ideas for bob hairstyles to find your next look!   Blonde hair with dark lowlights is a dramatic look that adds depth and ... Get the hairstyle!

Bob for curly hair?


I'm thinking of cutting my hair into a long bob. However, my hair is naturally curly. I'm worried that I will constantly have to straighten it for the hairstyle to look nice. Is there any way I could wear my curly hair with this haircut? - Taylor  I have very thick curly hair and it can get really frizzy but all my sisters have thin straight hair and have bob cuts. I really want to try one out but I'm afraid it will look bad - Ashley  I ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Cute and Easy to Wear Long Bob Hairstyles


The bob stands out as one of the rare hairstyles that is high style but low maintenance. A great cut holds its shape, requiring minimal day-t0-day styling time. And there are so many different variations on the bob that there's one for everyone, even ladies who don't want to cut hair short. Check out the pictures below for 3 cute and easy to style long bob hairstyles! The original bob was the hairstyle of choice for bold, daring, and ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Ways to Wear a Long Bob


Trying out a long bob is a fun way to try something new and exciting (without committing to a super short 'do that you just may not be ready for!). There's just something so sweet and sassy about a long bob (aka the lob). Perhaps it's the in-between length or simply the fact that it's the perfect go-to hairstyle for women who can't seem to (or don't want to!) make up their mind! Check out below for 5 ways to wear a long bob! This ... Get the hairstyle!

Faux Bob


Do you love short, sexy bobs but don’t want to commit to chopping off your long locks? All is not lost! Your new favourite hairstyle may just be the faux bob. This simple but sultry look is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Think of the faux bob as a more temporary version of this popular cut! It is an unforgettable hairstyle because it allows you to have the sophistication of a bob – without the commitment. The bob never seems to go ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Bobs


    One of the best short hairstyles out there that's also easy to wear is the short bob. They're cute, sassy, and chic! Even better, the short bob can be styled some different ways. Add blunt bangs or side swept, wear hair graduated or asymmetrical. There is a short bob out there for your style, face shape, and hair type from thin to thick!   ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Bob Hairstyles Pictures


    Bob hairstyles are stylish, flattering, and so easy to wear! Check out these pictures of medium length and short bob hairstyles for lots of gorgeous ways to wear the look! You can add bangs, wear hair on an angle, or get a cool asymmetrical cut!   ... Get the hairstyle!

Professional Hairstyles


How you look at work immediately leaves an impression with your employers and co-workers. Make sure it is always a good one by looking workplace appropriate. When it comes to your hair, keep it looking polished and sophisticated. Here are some simple but sleek professional hairstyles to suit any work environment. Some of the best professional hairstyles keep hair out of your face – you don’t want to push stray pieces of hair from your ... Get the hairstyle!

Bob Haircut for Fine Wavy Hair?


I have fine hair, but a lot of it. It is naturally wavy. What is the best bob haircut for me? - Corinne Hi Corinne, Interesting hair type! It's relatively rare to find someone with both fine and dense wavy hair. Although many people think of a bob as exclusively chin length, a bob can range anywhere from your earlobe to just above your shoulders. If your hair is wavy and full, I recommend choosing a longer length bob. Full, wavy hair ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Bob Hairstyles


Long bob hairstyles---or "lob," s'il vous plaît---are great and so on trend for 2013: A perfect mid-length haircut that adds dimension and movement and suits any hair texture or face shape. Long bobs can be done in so many different ways - with long layers or short layers, bangs or no bangs, and even thick or thin hair.   Whether you've already got a mid-length cut, or are looking to switch up your 'do, long bob hairstyles are a ... Get the hairstyle!

Medium Haircuts 2013


2013 could be your year for change... to your hair! Whether you're cutting and styling your longer hair into a medium length cut or growing out your shorter 'do, you'll see just how much your hair opens up and how versatile and manageable it becomes. It's truly a thing of beauty. For a few pictures of medium length hairstyles that are layered, completely fresh and are going to be hot in 2013, check out below! A great new medium ... Get the hairstyle!

Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair


Going for a medium length hairstyle can instantly change your outlook on hair. Completely versatile and manageable, hairstyles for medium length hair are the go-to style for women who lead busy lives, but want a great looking hairstyle. Medium length looks add volume, texture and still allow get you out the door quickly in the mornings without too much fuss. Check out these pictures to find a look that works for you! This medium length ... Get the hairstyle!

Easy Bob


Almost everyone out there has tried the classic bob at some point or another in their life... and for good reason too. A good bob never goes out of style and it's one of the best hairstyles out there to personalize and make your own. The three cute bobs below are all similar yet distinctive in their own way. They're the ideal hairstyle for women on the go too because with hair that's on the shorter side and pretty much all at the same length, ... Get the hairstyle!