The Best Options for Big Forehead Hair

A large forehead is no big deal! Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Christina Ricci, and Tyra Banks simply use hairstyles to their advantage. There are plenty of options for big forehead hair, with and without bangs. Combine long layers or full fringe with any length haircut to get the look that works for you face shape and hair texture. Check out pictures of hairstyles for a big forehead.

Having a high forehead doesn’t mean you have to have bangs. For some people, bangs can cause result in excess oil on the forehead and lead to breakouts, not to mention limp and lifeless fringe. If that’s the case, stay away from cutting short layers

and opt for length that can be styled across the forehead into side swept bangs. The key is wearing hair long but with a side part, the deeper the better.


Even without ultra thick hair, long layers can be a flattering option for big forehead hair. This layered hairstyle for thin hair uses extra long bangs to minimize the appearance of a high forehead. The shortest layers are cut to chin length and can be styled across the forehead or placed to frame the face.

Of course, bangs are the go to hairstyle for long faces or large foreheads. Side swept or wispy bangs are universally flattering but for full coverage, go for blunt cut bangs cut straight across the forehead. This fringe is one of the hairstyle trends for 2012 as well as a classic look that never goes out of style. These fringe bangs can be worn thick, thin, or even at an angle.