Best Prom Hairstyles for a Strapless Dress – The Updo

You found the most flattering dress for prom, now what is the best prom hairstyle for your strapless dress?  One of the keys to your best prom look is to choose one focal point. Here are some ways of pairing an updo and strapless dress.

Prom Hairstyles Strapless Dress Curly Updo

The focus of this look is the  dazzling bright blue dress and golden shoulders and collarbone. This simple curly updo and understated jewelry look fantastic without taking any attention from the dress.

Prom Hairstyle Strapless Dress Side Bangs Updo

The side swept bangs of this updo complement the asymmetrical bodice of the dress. Rather than having one dominating focal point, the prom dress and hair work together for a sophisticated and stylish look.

Prom Updo Hairstyles Strapless Dress

The focus of this prom look is definitely on the hair, face, and collarbone. The almost skin toned dress creates a neutral look, with the sparkly skin echoed in the sheen of the fabric. The unusual necklace draws attention towards the dramatic makeup on the face. The elegant updo completes the look.

These three prom updos with strapless dresses had very differnet looks based on whether the focal point was on the dress, hair, or entire look. What will be the focus of your prom look for 2012?