The Best Layered Hairstyles: Short, Medium & Long Layers

Layered hairstyles are like the best shoes – stylish, attractive, and practical! They work for every hair length and type, with options for incorporating short, medium, and long layers into your existing hairstyle or trying out an entirely new look.

Layered hairstyles have evolved from the feathered Farrah to the Rachel and now, the hottest looks for 2013. You can get an on trend hairstyle without a dramatic change (or chop!). There are so many layered looks, from romantic to elegant to flirty – just choose the one appropriate to your style and age.

Hairstyles with layers are also fantastic for maintaining hair length while adding volume and movement. The bounce and swing are fun and look amazing with little effort – layered hairstyles are low maintenance and can be as easy as wash and wear. As with any cut, regular trims keep hair in shape, reducing the work you have to do.

Layered haircuts reveal split ends so take special care of fragile tips with deep conditioning as often as necessary for your hair type. Some products can even repair damage, like Pureology Essential Repair, Bed Head Ego Boost, or Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Sealed Ends.


Adding layers to your existing hairstyle, whether it’s short, shoulder-length or long, short, adds texture, volume, and shape. Keep reading and look at these layered hairstyle pictures to determine which length of layers will work for you. As with all hairstyles, face shape is the main consideration.

Short layers start at about eye length and go from there. Wearing long hair with short layers ensures that even when hair is pulled up, you get the softness of hair around the face and chin.

These shorter layers work best for:

Round Faces  Short layers add height at the crown and elongate round faces. Adding fullness to the top with short layers while keeping the rest of the hair close to the face will create a longer, narrower profile. Combine layers with side parts and asymmetric hairstyles.

Triangular Faces  Short layers that are full at the temples at taper at the jawline flatter triangular faces by balancing the dominant jawline and narrower cheekbones and temples. Side parts and tucking hair behind the ears also draw attention to your eyes and give the illusion of width.

Square Faces  Short and medium length hair with short layers contrast angular features with softness. Layers are great for avoiding straight lines in the cut, so keep layers wispy and play with side swept layers and curls.


Medium layers are a tool for reducing hair volume. For thick hair, medium length layers add movement and life to your hairstyle by breaking up the hair mass.

For fine hair, as shown above, these longer layers are great for adding volume and keeping hair from falling flat and limp.

Whatever your hair type, keep hair healthy and shiny with the best products for layered hair. Use a touch of It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, Crack Styling Leave-In Treatment, or the oh so popular Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment on dry or damp hair to keep away frizz and add lots of gloss.


Long layers land below the earlobe, with the shortest pieces framing the face. Longer layers are also great for adding side swept bangs or fringe, the best of both worlds of short and long hair.

Heart-shaped Faces  Add layers around the jaw and chin to add width to your narrowest area and balance width at the temple.

Long Faces  A combination of short and long layers flatter long faces. Short layers keep focus attention on eyes and balance face length. Chin-length layers add volume to the area, giving an impression of an oval face shape.

Short, medium and long hairs can be incorporated to short, medium, and long hairstyles. Use layers to accent your facial shape by determining if you need where to add volume, width, or create a focal point.