Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair

Curls are a great addition to any hairstyle for fine hair. Waves or curls add that coveted volume while adding sophistication and romance to everyday hair.

Like everything, having fine hair has pros and cons. Fine hair is easier to curl but also easier to damage with heat. Therefore,  finding the best curling iron for fine hair is essential to getting gorgeous curls and protecting hair. Here are a few things to look for:


1. Adjustable heat Fine hair curls with less heat. Your curling iron should have adjustable heat so you can select lower settings. Some irons and wands offer high and low settings but a dial that displays the degrees gives the most information and control.

2. Barrel Size Bigger barrels give looser curls while smaller ones result in tighter curls so choose your barrel size based on hair length and the type of curls you wanted. Fine hair holds curl easily so, curling irons under an inch will be adequate. A tapered curling wand will give you multiple options in one tool.

3. Material There are all sorts of buzz words out there when it comes to styling tools. Stay away from metal, which can burn hair. Look for ceramic or tourmaline, materials which evenly distribute and transfer heat for a gorgeous curl that doesn’t damage hair. The extra cost is absolutely worth it. A good curling iron should last at least 10 years so think of it as an investment. Based on extensive research, here are our 3 picks for the best curling irons for fine hair:

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