Bangs Or No Bangs – Find Your Best Look!


Bangs or no bangs…that is the question! There are lots of great hairstyles with bangs, with wispy, fringe, angled, blunt cut, straight across, and side swept options.

Face shape is the key to choosing any hairstyle and some bangs are better for some face shapes. As a general rule, bangs flatter either wide or narrow foreheads. Bangs for round faces should be wispy and asymmetrical so side swept bangs are a great option.

Check out these images of girls with and without bangs. Which is the best look for you?

On the left, the long side swept bangs flatter this beauty with a heart-shaped face. Oval faces, like the lovely lady on the left, can get away with any hairstyle. She is looking great without bangs. Both hairstyles look great with a deep side part accentuated by a flower.


Another bangs or no bangs look, both these layered hairstyles are super cute with the floral crowns. The face framing bangs soften an angular jaw and square face shape. These straight across bangs look best with a center part or none at all.

These are great examples of bangs vs no bangs hairstyles. The blunt cut bangs cut straight across the forehead focus attention on the eyes and frame the face. For a different look, style these straight across bangs to the side. The longer oval face on the left looks great with long layers swept to the side. The no bangs hairstyle is an open look with more focus on the face than the shape of the hairstyle.

These hairstyles and ladies look great with and without bangs. The first rule of any hairstyle is to stay true to your personal style. Then, figure out your face shape and what looks flatter it. C0nsult your hairstylist if you have any questions. They can always help you find a flattering and easy to care for look.

So, what’s the verdict? Bangs of no bangs.