Bangs for Round Faces

Looking for the best bangs for round faces? These hairstyles with bangs pictures were inspired by celebrities with classic round faces such as Jennifer Hudson, Kirsten Dunst, and Cameron Diaz. The definition of a round face shape is approximately the same length and width, often with softer features and round cheeks. Bangs are a flattering cut for round faces, framing the eyes and elongating the shape. The key to the right bangs is the cut. Here’s how to wear blunt cut and straight across bangs for round faces.

best hairstyles with bangs round face

These indie-style blunt cut bangs are not off limits for rounder faces. The rule is to make sure that bangs are long enough to hit the eyebrow. Adding a graphic or curved shape also adds angles and definition. This fringe is shorter in the middle and longer in the sides, creating an abbreviated face shape. These angled blunt bangs would also be an excellent choice.


side bangs round face

Side swept bangs are universally option and can be the best option for round faces. Long layers, cut to chin length, elongate the face. Tucked behind the ear and sweeping across the forehead, side swept bangs add definition and remove undesired thickness at the sides of the head.

bangs for round face shape

This hairstyle for round faces follows the rules with a beautiful result. Side swept bangs add angles to the face and layers remove volume around the sides. The looks is young and fresh. Women with round faces have the benefit of appearing to age more slowly because softer features are associated with youthfulness. Enjoy the bangs that will make the most of your round face shape.