Bangs for Long Hair

Bangs are the perfect way to make your long hair stand out – they accent your features and beautifully frame your face. If you are looking for a dramatic style without sacrificing length, bangs – long hair is the perfect addition! Adding fringe to long hair can freshen up your look and make a boring cut stylish.

Not only do bangs look great, but they are flattering. They draw attention to your eyes, make you look more youthful, flatter certain face shapes and detract from prominent features. Bangs with long hair perfectly balance out your long locks and make sure the attention is on you.

There are so many styles of bangs to choose from. Here are some of the best bangs for long hair!

For a soft and subtle bang style that will compliment your long hair, try wispy bangs. This low maintenance bang is light and feminine. It can be worn across the forehead or in a side swept style. Wispy bangs are the perfect way change up your look while draw attention to your gorgeous long hair.

A great bang style for long hair is the blunt cut bang. This style instantly brings attention to your features, especially your eyes, so play them up when it comes to your makeup!

The center pieces of your bangs should fall right below your eyebrows, with the outer pieces slightly longer, to really frame the face. To make this long haired bang look even more dramatic, try a short cut bang instead.

If you have long hair, try side bangs with long layers. The side swept bangs will create a soft and romantic look, while long layers will help frame your face and make your hair appear less weighed down. This style will make sure that your long hair doesn’t overwhelm your face.

This style is also great if you have thick hair, as it will make your hair appear thinner. To make this style edgier, go for choppier side bangs.

If you have all one length hair, use a round brush when styling your bangs. This will create a rounded bang look and will add volume to your banks. This will help to balance out your long, one length hair, so that it doesn’t appear heavy.

Nothing is as flattering as bangs with long hair. This style can be fun, flirty, and sophisticated.  Play up the length of your hair, while making sure your features are the focus. Try adding bangs to your long hair and be amazed at your sleek new look!

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