Bandana Hairstyles


Stay cool with these hot bandana hairstyles for summer. Bandanas are a great accessory for managing hair in the heat. These hippie chic looks are cute and feminine. Have fun mixing and matching bandana and scarf fabrics, colors, and prints!

Worn as a headband, this bandana is hippie chic. Worn with hair down in gorgeous beachy waves, this cute bandana look will keep hair in place at festivals, picnics, or any outdoor summer party. This is a great look for long, wavy, and curly hair. The purple color accents the multi-colored pattern of the maxidress. It’s much cuter and feminine than a sweatband!

If you’re headed out on the water, try this bandana scarf look. Jack Sparrow kept his long locks in place with this look and so can you. The key is an ultra feminine scarf, like this woven metallic number.

Bandanas  are great for keeping hair looking great and effortlessly in place. This headband keeps hair off the neck on hot summer days. Worn here covering the ear, it can also be worn further back off the crown and behind the ear. Add some bobby pins to keep the ribbon pin place.

If you’re looking for some vintage-inspired looks, check out these rockabilly and headband bandana hairstyles!


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