Angled Layers for Long Layered Hairstyles

Add interest to your long layered hairstyle with these angled layers. Long layers around the face angle directly into longer layers at the back, creating a striking diagonal line. Wear this haircut with a side part to play up the eye-catching lines.

For this shoulder length hairstyle, layers start at the collarbone and angle down to the longest layers. For the rest of the hair, jagged layers add to the diagonal look. Like all layered hairstyles, these angled layers make long easy to style and manage, not to mention looking great.


The angled look works for even longer hair hair as well. Here, collarbone length layers dramatically transition into super long hair at a dramatic angle. This is a great cut for thick hair, reducing bulk and volume of hair to let hair flow. This angled look would also be great for curly and wavy hair. The reduction in weight brings out natural curl and texture.


These angled layers are fantastic paired with a v-shape at the back. Here the angled layers work go in multiple directions, from the shortest front layers to the longest back. This cut is perfect for this super long and thick hair. These angled layers also look great in half-up, hair up, and ponytail hairstyles.


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