5 Hair Braiding Tips + Techniques

These hair braiding tips and techniques will make creating hairstyles with braids a breeze and will ensure your plaits are smooth and stay in place all day.

1.  Always braid hair dry and comb it well before starting.  Braiding hair while wet causes damage to the hair and makes a smooth braid harder to achieve.

braid close up

2.  Hair with grip is easier to braid and has less fly aways. One option is to skip a shampoo, brushing hair thoroughly to distribute natural oils. With clean hair, add some product such as mousse or gel for the same benefits.



3.  Forget bad memories of too tight pigtails. Pulling braids extra tight does not improve the appearance and only serves to damage hair and bring on a headache. Instead, pull hair gently snug as you braid.

braid back

4.  Fully separate hair strands before crossing over.  Long or curly hair will begin to braid itself at the end and may require detangling.

other braid 2

5.  Relax while you’re braiding your hair. Even better, close your eyes. Do not watch yourself in the mirror, your hands know better than your eyes. And if the braid doesn’t work out right, just brush your hair out and try again.

Now enjoy creating some cute and easy braided hairstyles!