4 Ways to Wear Pin Up Hair

There’s something about pin up girls! Even though they were making (super stylish!) waves back since the 1940s, pin up hairstyles are still fashionable today. With playful bangs, bold curls, and bandanas, it is no wonder retro looks are always popular.

If you’re ready to try your own pin up look, here are 4 ways to wear pin up hair!


Nothing says retro glamour like curls and waves. So, let your inner pin up girl shine by creating romantic curls! You’ll want to create soft, loose curls throughout your hair, focusing on adding volume to the crown.

Start with clean, dry hair. Curl your hair in sections, using either a 1-inch barrel curling iron or a flat iron. Let the curls cool completely before you do anything else! Then, gently break up the curls with your fingers to create those romantic curls.


Next, you’ll want to add some retro volume at the crown by teasing the top section of your hair. Use a comb or brush to tease just underneath that top section of hair. Finish off this pin up hair by adding a bandana. This will help you achieve that flawless vintage look!


Victory rolls are another unforgettable pin up style to try! They became popular during WWII and are still known for their bold “V” shape. This style works best on layered medium to long hair.

Making your own victory rolls is easier then you think! Start by separating your hair into two sections. Take the top layer of each section and tease underneath to create a bit of volume. Then, wrap that top section of hair around your fingers, roll towards the scalp, and pin in place to secure. Do this on both sides and ta da! Amazing pin up hair.

You can leave your hair straight for something more modern or soft and wavy for a truly vintage look. Experiment with the shape and size of your victory rolls to find what you like best.


For a quick and easy way to add a little pin up flair to your look, try rolled bangs! This iconic pin up bang style is both sexy and sophisticated – so have fun with it.

To create your own, start by brushing the front section of your hair forward. Then, wrap it around your fingers and continue to roll upwards towards the scalp. Once you’ve created your roll, pin in place at the sides.

Change up this bang style by playing with the size of the roll and by getting creative with the rest of your hair. Pull it into a sleek updo or high ponytail to really make your bangs the focus.

The last pin up hairstyle to try? Bold, defined curls! These curls create an unforgettably retro look every time.

When it comes to curling your hair, start by using a curl boosting mousse on damp hair. This no heat curl method is genuine vintage or to speed up the process,  curl your hair using hot rollers. This will define the curl even more, creating those pin up girl curls. If you don’t have hot rollers, you can use a curling iron – but make sure the curls are tight. Remember, the more definition your curls have, the better they will look!

Finish off this style by using lots of hairspray and adding a fun hair accessory, like a bandana or flower.

Nothing says retro like fun pin up hairstyles! Try these 4 ways to wear pin up hair and make history new again.