4 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

Check out the 4 best haircuts for thin hair! Hairstyles that make hair appear thicker add volume with layers and have a great shape. Thin hair doesn’t have to be short, there great cuts at all lengths.

The right hairstyles and products can also add oomph to thin and fine hair. First, you want to keep hair healthy by minimizing use of heated styling tools, blow drying, and any harsh colors. For an easy at home treatment, try black tea!

For all these haircuts, styling techniques also play a role in hair fullness. Try using a shampoo and conditioner formulated to add volume and thickness to thin hair like Aveda Invate products or Pantene Pro-V® Fine Hair Solutions.

Dry hair to about 80% dry before adding product because wet hair dilutes the effects. Use a volumizing and/or texturizing product like Paul Mitchell Thicken Up to keep hair looking great all day. When choosing product, choose lightweight options that add volume, staying away from waxes, creams, and serums that add weight.

Now check out the pictures below for the 4 best haircuts for thin hair!

The pixie is an obvious choice for thin hair. Longer layers keep have enough weight to keep hair in place while shorter layers add volume all around the head.

The cropped cut focuses attention on your features rather than your hair. It’s an easy wash and go look that looks great for with minimal styling and just a touch of product.

The bob is another great choice for fine hair. The defined shape of the bob, whether you get the look without or with thin bangs, adds  the appearance of volume.

Like the pixie, the face framing bob focuses attention on you and not your hair.

Another great haircut for thin hair is the choppy bob, which can be worn short or long. The angled layers add texture and volume to fine hair that fullness all around.

Thin or fine hair can also be worn long. Shoulder length hair is a universally flattering look so a good length to end with for thin hair. The absence of layers means hair is full all around.

Even with thin or fine hair, bangs are an option. Side swept bangs (cut or styled) are also great for drawing attention to the eyes and away from the hair. Wispy bangs are plenty for this effect.

Finally, adding color can also give the illusion of thicker hair. Highlights and lowlights add depth fullness to fine or thin hair. Consult your stylist or colorist to get maximum impact with gentle products.