3 Thick Braids

Braids are an attractive and easy way to manage thick hair. Braided hairstyles keep lots of hair in place with effortless style. Healthy and thick hair makes for plump plaits that show off the weave of different braids. Here are 3 thick braids that keep high volume hair beautifully in place.

thick braids



Braids add a sophisticated touch to pigtails. These cute braided pigtails have a vintage feel. A unique finishing touch is tying the braids just below the collarbone, with several inches of hair ends left loose. For a tighter braid that is attractive and functional for sporting events, camping, or picnics, try these French braid pigtails.

hairstyles thick hair

Not all hairstyles with braids involve plaiting all hair. This half up half down hairstyle has the feel of a crown braid with a easier plait. This version features a mermaid braid with a complementary flower accent. To keep hair back from the face and long thick hair down, this is the look for you.

thick braid

The side braid is a sophisticated and playful look for everyday. This smooth and oversized version starts as a ponytail just above the ear. It’s also easy to transform this look into a dazzling crown braid.