3 Short Sassy Haircuts

Going short with your hairstyle only helps to exude an inner confidence that might have been buried (deep under long hair!).

Whether you’re trying something out that’s subtle and structured like A-line bob or going for a serious chop with a pixie, getting rid of some length, instantly opens your whole face up and allows your (inner and outer) beauty to truly shine.

Check out below for 3 different and adorable ways to wear short sassy haircuts!


With everyone from Miley Cyrus to Anne Hathaway to Michelle Williams going short in 2013, why not take a little inspiration from these starlets and give it a try (at least once in their life!)!


This short hairstyle is great if your hair is on the thicker side and you’re looking to thin things out a bit while still keeping some of that beautiful body. By having bangs that are longer at the sides, it allows the face to be framed (which only helps to show off your gorgeous facial features like those beautiful eyes!).



What a great pixie cut is good for (and there are all sorts of variations of the beautiful crop!) is allowing us to show off our unique facial features and fun make-up! For this pixie cut, it’s all about keeping things short and layered throughout to help accentuate a bold lip, playful sunglasses and rosy cheeks. This ‘do is certainly nothing short of sassy!

Short Hairstyles for Women-

Another great option for short hair is to opt for a longer pixie cut with bangs. This particular hairstyle is all about playing up your hair’s natural texture and keeping things playful and easy. Get the piecey volume with a texture paste like Oribe Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste or J Beverly Hills Souvage Finishing Texture Paste. Both pastes are excellent for reworking hair throughout the day.

By adding in bangs and going for a bit more of an asymmetrical cut (rather than a super short traditional pixie look), it allows for your style to appear more bohemian, laid-back and cool!