3 Cute Bangs

We’ve all tossed the idea around of trying bangs for the first time (or going back to them!) at least once in our life. Whether they’ve become a thing of the past or you’re looking to try your hand at some fringe for the first time, adding bangs is a great way to liven up your usual hair routine.

And the really great part about trying them is that there isn’t just one way to do bangs! To ease into them, you could always try long bangs or even a cute side bang.

Keep reading to check out 3 cute bangs hairstyles!

Thin bangs are the way to go if you want to slowly work your way into having bangs (or for fine or thin hair). When it comes to thin bangs, a common myth is that you need to have naturally thin hair in order to pull them off, but that isn’t the case at all!

Simply ask your hair stylist to thoroughly layer throughout your bangs, so they fall ever-so-gently on your forehead (and say goodbye to having bulky bangs that get oily way too fast!). The not so secret way to ensure fine fringe stays fresh all day is to add a touch of texturizing powder, like Osis + Dust It Matifying Powder.

Wispy bangs is a cute fringe look that is easy to style because in all reality, they’re barely there! For this wispy bangs hairstyle, they’ve been cut super short, layered and styled off to the side to ensure a more relaxed look.

Short bangs are a great look to try for long hair because the contrast between the super long tresses and ultra short bangs definitely attracts attention to one’s face and eyes (which is never a bad thing!). Try them cut on an angle to get the look plus a little extra length!

Rounded fringe is the ultimate bangs trend to try if you’re feeling adventurous and bold! Curved bangs are great for a face framing effect and even work to pull off a more retro vibe.

Since this bang look is so bold, be sure to keep them clean (and free of flyaways!) by using a good dry shampoo, like Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo, on alternate wash days.