3 Best Haircuts for Fine Hair

Have fine hair but don’t know what do with it? Try one of these 3 best haircuts for fine hair! First to clear some things up. Fine and thin hair are not the same – you can have one, the other or both. Fine hair refers to the thickness of individual hairs (often lighter colored hair is finer than coarse dark hair). Thin hair refers to how many hairs there are on the head. – some people just have more than others.

While some of the same hairstyling principles apply, there are a few different ways to treat fine hair so it looks it’s best. These 3 best hairstyles for fine hair combat the three main issues that fine hair can cause.

1. Fight Flyaways

First of all, length is an asset for fine hair. Not that you can’t go short, but the extra length weighs hair down and keeps it in place. Fine hair is ultra light and prone to frizz and flyaways. So one of the best hairstyles for fine hair is the long bob (lob!). The haircut trains hair to curl gently under the chin. For added help, add a lightweight product like a shine serum or add texture with a salt spray.


2. Add Volume

One of the common complaints about straight fine hair is that it can be flat and lifeless. The easiest way to add volume is with curls! If you have some natural hair texture, ask your stylist for a layered hairstyle for fine hair that encourages curl to do its thing.

If your hair is stick straight, just add a few curls or loose ringlets to the outer layer of hair for instant va va voom volume. You can even get heat-free curls with rollers or by braiding wet hair before you go to sleep.

3. Barely There Bangs

You can still have bangs with fine hair! You just have to find a style that works for hair texture. Not all fringe has to be full on. Try this wispy fringe instead! A version of the oh so hot blunt bang, wearing them thin gets the same effect. Again, add a touch of product with lightweight hold to weigh them down. Because bangs dry before the rest of hair, apply product when hair is still damp.