12 Tips for Growing Long Hair

So you want to grow healthy long hair fast. While there are no guaranteed ways to grow hair faster, follow these tips to grow gorgeous healthy hair.

Taking care of hair while you’re growing out is the key. Your long hairstyle is made up of about 100,000 that are between one and six years old. Hair grows about half an inch a month, for a grand total of 6 inches a year. To keep hair healthy while it’s growing long, follow these tips:

1. Start + Maintain  Healthy long hair starts with healthy hair. There is no way to repair damaged hair so before growing it out, remove damaged areas. Damaged hair will move up from the ends or break, so let it go.

While growing hair, trim hair often to maintain healthy hair from tip to end.

2. Brush Use a quality brush, such as a boar bristle brush or wide tooth comb. Distribute natural oils through the hair and stimulate the scalp by brushing with your head upside down.

For wavy or curly hair, minimize any resistance you may encounter when brushing. Start by gently combing through hair with fingers. Hold the strand you’re brushing at the root to avoid pulling on hair.

long hair1

3. Wash  Hair doesn’t need to be washed everyday! Your scalp oils condition hair really well so don’t wash them out all the time.

When you do wash your hair, brush it first to remove knots from sleeping and to avoid tangles in the shower.

4. Conditioning  When using conditioner, try sifting your fingers through your hair. This reduces extensive combing after your shower and helps to distribute the conditioner evenly.

5, Moisturize  Like healthy skin, healthy hair is well moisturized. Deep condition your hair monthly or even weekly if hair is dry or prone to damage. Some conditioners can be made at home from natural (and edible) ingredients.



6. Wet Hair  Wet hair is vulnerable so be very, very gentle when drying hair. No brushing, rubbing, or twisting! Gently squeeze moisture from your hair with a towel, working down from root to end.

To prevent frizz, apply leave-in conditioner and detangle with a wide-toothed comb.

7. Hairstyles  Don’t stress individual hairs with tight hairstyles. Opt for loose hairstyles and clips rather than tight ponytails or cornrows.

8. Styling  Protect hair by minimizing brushing and contact with hot styling tools. Styling can pull at the root and cause breakage. Try to limit blow-drying to five minutes.

how to grow long hair

9. Products  Avoid or minimize products that dry out hair and increase damage and loss, such as hair sprays, dyes, straighteners, and bleach.

10. Outside  Protect hair from wind and weather by covering hair or containing it in a bun or braid.

11. Nutrition  Feed healthy hair with a vitamin and protein rich diet. A multivitamin can help but be careful about excess supplementation. Biotin has not been proven to promote hair growth, although hair loss is related to biotin deficiency.

A drastic diet can shed hair along with pounds. The change in nutrients causes physical stress and potentially thinning hair.

12. Stress  Stress is a common cause of reversible hair loss, which will appear after a few weeks. What’s good for you and your health is good for your hair so stay as healthy and relaxed as possible.