10 Everyday Hairstyles

Modern Hairstyles
Modern Hairstyles 150x150

Modern Hairstyles

The latest catalogues are showing the center part is here to stay! To keep the look modern, add some volumizing spray to hair and finish with shine serum for a smooth and sleek look.

Easy Curls
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Easy Curls

Believe it or not, curls can be an everyday hairstyle! Use a curling wand or flat iron to add a few curls to the top layers of hair. You’ll get faster with practice and it only takes a few curls to add romance to long straight hair.

Cute and Easy Hairstyles1
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The low bun is super easy to style everyday. Take it up a notch by adding a deep side part. For a special touch and gorgeous texture, braid hair before creating the bun.

Headband Hairstyles1
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Headband Hairstyles

The right hair accessory will take an easy everyday hairstyle to the next level. Add a headband or ribbon for a pop of color, to keep hair in place, and super cute look!

Easy Everyday Hairstyles1
Easy Everyday Hairstyles1 150x150

Easy Everyday Hairstyles

A bun is one of the best easy every hairstyles. Wear one up high in a top knot, down low, or messily to the side. This coiled look simply twists a ponytail tight before forming the bun.

Everyday Hairstyles
Everyday Hairstyles 150x150

Everyday Hairstyles

Add simple sophistication to the everyday ponytail by wearing it super sleek. Rub a shine serum through hair, comb with a boar bristle brush, and finish with hairspray to tame pesky flyaways.

Messy Hairstyles
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Messy Hairstyles

For everyday hairstyles, you need to get out the door for work or school. Don’t worry about getting every hair in place and embrace the messy look for a ponytail, bun or hair worn down!

Layered Hairstyles1
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Layered Hairstyles

What a great haircut does is minimizes the work you have to do. A gorgeous layered haircut will fall into place with little styling time and product. Keep hair healthy with plenty of conditioner and air drying hair as much as possible.

Cute Hairstyles for School
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Cute Hairstyles for School

Half up half down hairstyles give you the best of both worlds – a quick hairstyle that looks beautiful! Simple pull a section of hair back from the hairline and secure with an X of bobby pins or barrette.

Cute New Hairstyles
Cute New Hairstyles  150x150

Cute New Hairstyles

If you haven’t been rocking the braids yet, give one a try! It’s easy to wear a small braid along the hairline. This looks great with or without bangs.


Check out these pictures of everyday hairstyles for 10 ways to get out the door fast while looking your gorgeous! These easy hairstyles will get you to school, work, or brunch in a hurry!

The go to looks when you’re wanting a cute and easy hairstyle are braids, buns, and ponytails. Don’t forget to wear hair down sometimes! A few curls, center part, or half up hairstyle is just as easy to style.

What’s your favorite look for every day?