Kristen Wiig’s Bob in Elle 2014


 Could the short bob be the hairstyle of summer 2014? Nicole Richie recently made the chop and so did Kristen Wiig, showing off her sassy new look on the cover Elle's August 2014 edition (all images: Elle).The bob is a fabulous cut that can flatter everyone, is easy to wear, and makes sure you're showcasing only the healthiest locks, getting rid of the rest. Let's take a closer look at Kristen Wiig's bob hairstyle!Cut to the ... Get the hairstyle!

How to go from red to platinum blonde?


 Hi! I need some advice about hair color and products. Over the course of this year, I have dyed my hair black twice, bleached it twice, and now have dyed it red over 5 times.I want to go from my faded burgundy color to a pale light/whitish blonde. My color fades quickly and after a month of shampooing, I could get most of it almost blonde again.However, before I try anything I would like to know the best method from going red to ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Cute Short Hairstyles for Women 2014


 It’s summertime…. so why not go short? Short hair can look chic and stylish – and keep you feeling cool when the temperatures start to rise. Even with daring cropped locks, there are no shortage of ways to wear this bold cut.For a little inspiration, look no further. These 5 cute short hairstyles for women 2014 can help you choose the right ‘do.Short hair is more versatile than you think. Just because you don’t have a ton of ... Get the hairstyle!

4 Hipster Short Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2014


 Why blend in with the crowd? The right hairstyle can help you look your best, compliment your face shape, and let you showcase your creative side! So, get ready to add some hipster flair to your style. This subculture has been around for years - but its unique sensibilities continue to inspire bold and exciting hairdos today.Forget about typical or expected. These 4 hipster hairstyles for curly hair 2014 will give your look all the ... Get the hairstyle!

How to add volume to thin, flat hair without hairspray?


 Hello, I have quite thin hair and it always gets flat at the crown. :( It’s layered and shoulder length. I use volumizer and even sleep with rollers, which helps a bit, but I always use a ton of hairspray to add texture.I just want it to go natural but cannot seem to stop hairspray. Can you give me advice please? It doesn't suit my face at all if it's flat. Thank you signed, hairspray obsessed. - TinaHi Tina,I understand ... Get the hairstyle!

3 Braided Summer Hairstyles 2014


 What do you have planned this summer? Maybe a few days at the beach, a music festival, or even a weekend getaway. Whatever event you have coming up, don’t forget about your hair!The summer months can make styling a total pain. Heat and humidity can cause curls to fall flat – or let frizz destroy your perfectly coiffed ‘do. Thank goodness for braids! These 3 braided summer hairstyles 2014 will keep your hair looking great even in the ... Get the hairstyle!

Nicole Richie’s Bob 2014 in ELLE Australia


 Nicole Richie is no stranger to the bob haircut, having gone through almost every possible iteration out there throughout the years - longer, shorter, one side longer, choppy, blunt, bangs, no bangs. And it's her current look (following experimentation with blue and purple hair) as she graces the cover of Elle Australia and promoting her latest show Candidly Nicole.Check out a sneak preview of some of the pictures here (image ... Get the hairstyle!

How to style mermaid waves like Jessa on Girls?


 I want to try a hairstyle like Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa on Girls. How does one with hair similar to hers, but not as long, achieve those beautiful mermaid waves (aka loose curls)? - KaiHi Kai,Man oh man do I have a hair crush on Jemima! If everyone could grow hair like that, I would be out of a job. Although I can't promise you the same spectacular mermaid hair, I can point you in the right direction.One of the most ... Get the hairstyle!

Blonde Hair with Pink


 It’s time to think pink! Want to liven up your hair? It has never been easier. A splash of pink hair dye can completely change the appearance of your blonde locks. Pink hair can look sassy and sweet, bold and edgy, or fun and adventurous. It’s all about how you incorporate this color into your look.To find out how you can wear blonde hair with pink, keep reading. Head-turning style is just a shade away!Pink is everywhere ... Get the hairstyle!

Wedding Trends 2014: Etsy Bridal Hair Accessories


 It's wedding season again! One of the major wedding trends 2014 is hair accessories that add a touch of sparkle, texture, or vintage charm. Headbands are at the top of the list but there are also flowers, headpieces, and birdcage veils.If you're looking for gorgeous bridal hair accessories at a reasonable price, Etsy is the go to place for inspiration, hairstyles, and unique pieces. Check out some of our tip picks that are all under ... Get the hairstyle!

Short Bob Hairstyles: Celebrity Edition


 The bob is one of the rare hairstyles can be cut in dozens of different ways to suit the personal taste of the wearer.  Celebs are rocking the short bob not only because it's a great haircut or as a step to growing out short hair. Check out these short bob hairstyles for 10 ways that celebrities rock this fabulous and easy to wear look. Model Coco Rocha opts for an ultra short, modern, and sleek cut. The graduated back ... Get the hairstyle!

What are good hairstyles for thin and thinning hair?


 I just want to know which haircut will suit waist long and very thin hair. I am also facing hair loss. – DeepaHi Deepa,This may hurt, but please trust me. Cut it off. Cut it off right now. Waist length hair can be lovely with the right hair type. Very thin hair is not that hair type.When I was a little girl, it seemed like every character, every doll, every idealized vision of femininity had waist long, glorious hair. I ... Get the hairstyle!

Good Haircuts for Long Hair: Celebrities with the Blunt Cut!


 It’s time to let your beauty shine through with a simple – but statement making – haircut. Need an idea? Go blunt. Yes, the blunt cut is perfect for long hair. It gives dramatic flair to long locks...that’s why so many celebrities have been wearing this style lately. Let’s look at some stars sporting the blunt cut. They’re sure to inspire your next trip to the salon! Long hair looks great, but it can take a lot of time ... Get the hairstyle!

Easy Wedding Hairstyles with Curls Video


 If you're not an updo kind of gal, long loose curls are a beautiful bridal hairstyle. Curls go with all the latest wedding hair accessories and work with veils too. You can even style them yourself. Check out hair stylist Isabelle Faure's new video about easy wedding hairstyles with curls plus  some of the latest wedding hair trends. There are also hair curling tips and techniques that are helpful even if you're not the ... Get the hairstyle!

Is there a best haircut for thin hair?


 What is the best haircut for thin hair? – YvonneHi Yvonne,You ask a very interesting question. Most people wonder what the “best” hairstyle for them may be. I'm afraid there is no one simple answer.When choosing a haircut, you have to evaluate many different factors. Hair density is definitely something that should be considered, but so is face shape, age, lifestyle, hairstyling ability, taste, career, climate, fashion ... Get the hairstyle!