The Braided Undercut: 9 Celebrity Looks

Image: InStyle UK

 The undercut for long hair is a hot 2014 trend that is bold and beautiful. If you love the look but don't want the commitment of shaving and regrowing hair, try a faux undercut instead! Fake the look with braids on one side of the hair, leaving the rest in of hair to cascade down.Check out these pictures of celebrities rocking braided undercut for 9 fabulous looks. These half up ... Get the hairstyle!

Another Celebrity Short Bob: Sarah Michelle Gellar


 The celebrity bob trend is still going strong! We love it because it's a cute and easy haircut, means that all your hair is as healthy as can be, and is ultra flattering on everyone (unlike last years pixie trend). The latest celeb to make the chop is our favorite vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar. Check out the beautiful results below. SMG unveiled the results of her ... Get the hairstyle!

Undercut Hairstyles for Black Women


 The popularity of the undercut isn't going anywhere. It looks great with short hair, long hair, and of course black hair too. Rihanna was one of the trendsetters, wearing hair shaved on one side and sweeping back, long and short. That's not the only way to rock this look though. Check out these undercut hairstyles for black women pictures featuring the latest looks for straight and ... Get the hairstyle!

Fancy Medium Hairstyles


 Medium hair is a cute and easy choice for everyday but what to do for those special occasions? No problem! Just do what all the celebrities with shorter than shoulder-length-hair are doing. Add some loose ringlet curls all over and you've got the perfect fancy medium hairstyles for a wedding, prom, or the next time you hit the red carpet. Keep reading for more ... Get the hairstyle!

Quiff Hairstyles for Women


 The tall and peaked quiff hairstyle is a hybrid of the 1950s pompadour and flattop with a touch of mohawk thrown in. The name is thought to be a derivation of coiffe, the French word for hairstyle.  The unisex style has recently made a resurgence among women, partly because it is Janelle Monáe's signature style.Want to try out quiff hairstyles for women? Check out these pictures for ... Get the hairstyle!

Kristen Stewart’s New Short Haircut

Image: Go Fug Yourself [Splash]

 How did we miss this awesome new 'do? K-Stu has been rocking this sassy crop for a little while now and it's such a good look for her. A better fit for her style and personality than long locks, don't you think? More about Kristen Stewart's new short haircut below.  What a long way she's come from the brooding silences and meaningful pouts of Twilight. Perhaps her ... Get the hairstyle!

New hairstyles for waist length hair?


 What would you recomend me , for a new hairstyle. I would really appreciate your opinion , Thanks - AbrilHi Abril,With waist length hair the world is your oyster! You can create literally hundreds of hairstyles with that much hair. Find looks that inspire you, and then educate yourself on how to do it.For a basic long hair tool kit you will need a medium barrel curling iron ... Get the hairstyle!

Braided Updo Hairstyles


 Braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles out there. A simple braid tames long and hard to manage hair, looks elegant yet casual over one shoulder, or adds texture and dimension to any updo. Check out these pictures for a few of the fabulous ways to wear braided updo hairstyles! Braids are a playful addition to any formal updo, whether you're heading to a dance, ... Get the hairstyle!

Bangs with glasses?

Image: Girls with Glasses

 I want to get my bangs cut for school but I wear glasses so I don’t know if it will look right...Do you think I should just leave my hair how it is or should I get bangs? - ChayleeHi Chaylee,That is a very good question! Many people jump into bangs not considering how their glasses might effect the whole look. Bangs with glasses can make you look adorable, or like your face ... Get the hairstyle!

Undercut for Long Hair


 The undercut is a natural choice for short hair but what about long? Yes! This bold hairstyle has been on seen on fashion forward celebs like Scarlett Johanssen, Rosario Dawson, Demi Lovato, and many more. Check out more ways to wear the undercut for long hair from these latest Instagram photos. While the undercut is known for being bold, edgy, and boundary pushing it ... Get the hairstyle!

Undercut Hairstyles for Women


The undercut has not only been one of the top hairstyles for men in 2014 but for women too. This unisex style is always edgy but depending on the cut, can be as feminine or tough as you are. Check out these pictures of undercut hairstyles for women to get inspired! Combine these short haircuts with hair designs for an even bolder look. Boundary pushing celebrities like Miley ... Get the hairstyle!

5 Mindy Kaling Hairstyles


 It's sad that another summer is over but the return of fall TV helps a little. We're excited to check in with old favorites and maybe find some new ones. First back is The Mindy Project with the inimitable Mindy Kaling.She's in an inspiration for her smarts, talent, work ethic, sense of humor, and amazing style. Her wardrobe is the envy of women everywhere as is her luxurious locks. ... Get the hairstyle!

Long Haircuts 2014


 Long hair is a top choice because it's classic, versatile, and luxurious. Long, flowing locks can be worn up, down, and everything in between. The choices aren't only in the hairstyles but also the variety of haircuts available. A long haircut can be a as simple as a blunt cut all around or a more complex layered style. Check out these 10 pictures of long hairstyles 2014 to find your ... Get the hairstyle!

We Love the Keira Knightley Braided Updo


 From the Emmy's to TIFF, there have been lots of red carpets rolled our recently and plenty of red carpet looks! One hairstyle that is still making appearance is one of our favorites, the braided updo. It's a versatile look that adds visual interest and texture to hair and can be worn in many unique ways. Here's a picture of the Keira Knightley braided updo plus another gorgeous plaited ... Get the hairstyle!

Hair extensions damaged my hair. Help!


 Hi Isabelle! I have extremely fine, damaged hair. I recently got tape extensions put in for the summer. While they looked great and made styling my hair so much easier, when my hair stylist took them out this past week, I was so upset at how thin my hair seemed. It looks thinner than before, and the layer underneath seems to be damaged the most.Any recommendations to help my hair ... Get the hairstyle!